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Contesting a Will in NSW refers to the action taken when someone feels they have been unfairly treated in a Will by the deceased (Testator). In contesting a will, you are making what is known as a ‘Family Provision Claim’.

A Family Provision Claim is the legal mechanism by which an eligible person may apply to seek a share, or a larger share, of the deceased person’s estate. The application is made to the Supreme Court of New South Wales, and is normally prepared and lodged by an estate solicitor on behalf of the claimant.

At WillClaim, we understand that the passing of a loved one is a difficult time, and contesting a Will can make things even more challenging.

But if you believe that you have been unfairly treated in the deceased’s Will, we may be able to help.

The Will Dispute specialists at WillClaim are dedicated to protecting your interests. We will guide and represent you throughout the whole process. We understand that you need answers to your concerns,  and so we ensure that you receive accurate and reliable advice from a specialist lawyer.

We will keep you informed of your options at every stage.

Contesting a Will? Don’t Delay.

IMPORTANT: There is a time limit in contesting a Will in NSW – you have only twelve (12) months from the date of death, so you should not hesitate in your claim. You should promptly seek legal advice as soon as you have formed the view that you were inadequately provided for in the estate.

Contact the team at WillClaim today so we can assess your case. We will determine if you have a fighting chance and make certain that the dispute is submitted within the imposed time limits. Don’t leave it to the last minute. It is safer to notify the estate solicitors within six (6) months of the deceased’s date of death to avoid the situation where the estate has already been distributed before your claim is raised.

Our lawyers can also help you determine if you have a good case.

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Family Provision Claims: ‘No Win No Fee’

WillClaim can assist in all facets of a Family Provision Claim. 

Our “Contesting a Will No Win No Fee” policy is designed to help those who don’t have the financial resources to pay the legal costs of making a claim. This arrangement gives our clients fair access to legal solutions without worrying about legal costs. 

At WillClaim, we offer a No Win No Fee policy because we believe in our expertise to deliver results. Our Will Dispute lawyers are dedicated to your case; you’ll feel comfortable knowing that we’ll be by your side until your claim is resolved. 

Claim Your Fair Share With Our Dispute Lawyers By Your Side

Our team of experienced and qualified estate litigation lawyers in NSW will help increase your chance of succeeding in a Will Dispute. Bear in mind that there are different ways to dispute a Will and every case is unique. So, you may need a tailored strategy to ensure a positive outcome.  

WillClaim has a team of lawyers who are expert at contesting a Will. Our specialist lawyers have already helped many individuals in NSW achieve a favourable result in Will Contest cases. 

We have the skills needed to do the job and we are proud of our ability to deliver on our promises.  

The process of contesting a Will can be very stressful and we understand that these matters are sensitive and personal. In view of this, our team ensure that the process is as smooth and stress free as possible. 

Rest assured that your team at WillClaim will take care of everything to achieve the most favourable outcome for you.  

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