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Left out of a Will or treated unfairly?

Find out how to contest a will in NSW with this free Guidebook.

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    WillClaim is a team of experienced, professional ‘No Win No Fee’ estate lawyers, servicing individuals and families across NSW.

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    To help people contest, challenge, or defend a Will, for a better outcome.

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    We believe that everyone deserves quality legal counsel – no matter your postcode or wealth.

    Our vision is for estate litigation to be more accessible to those who need it most.

    What’s in this Guide?

    • Who can contest a Will in NSW?
    • How long do you have to contest a Will in NSW?
    • What are the main reasons for contesting a Will?
    • How do you contest a Will?
    • What’s the difference between ‘contesting’ and ‘challenging’ a Will?
    • Is there a time limit on challenging a Will?