Knowledge Centre

Disputing a Will: FREE Resources

It’s common for people who are thinking about disputing a Will to begin the process with some online research.

To assist you, the WillClaim team have created this Knowledge Centre as an information resource. It is our hope this will help you to better understand some of the key legal principles and processes involved with Will disputes.

The Knowledge Centre is comprised of three elements:

  • General information on Probate in NSW
  • A glossary of key estate litigation terms

Probate NSW

Visit this page if you want to learn more about ‘Probate of a Will in NSW’. This page will provide you essential information on the following:

  • What is a ‘Probate of a Will’ in NSW?
  • How does Probate work in NSW
  • How to get a copy of a Will in NSW
  • Why is a Probate important in Will Disputes?
  • What can you do if a person died without a Will?


Check out this page to learn the common legal terms that you may encounter in connection with Wills and estates in NSW.

Our Will Disputes lawyers specialize in estate litigation in NSW and can provide you with the necessary legal advice you need.  If you need more information, please contact WillClaim.